Monday, 23 November 2009

Live footage of Vile Vile Creatures, Bitches & Trash Kit from Positive Action 2

Trash Kit


Vile Vile Creatures

Women of U-turn photography exhibition at The Victoria

The women of u-turn currently have an exhibition of their photography up in the victoria please go down and have a look, each print is the original and one off at a cost of £65 each.
The exhibition will be up until the end of december.

Positive Action raises £200 for U-turn

Thank you to all those came to the show saturday night. It was an extremely fun and interesting evening.

Not only did we watch 3 of the most exciting bands from around the UK we also had two amazing poets who showed us how powerful words can be without music.

Positive Action raised £200 for U-Turn. This coupled with the huge cheque The Victoria gave U-Turn, the sum of £375, we have made a substantial contribution to a local cause that we should all take notice of and support.

Positive Action will be holding our next meeting shortlyos. Date, time and location will be confirmed very soon.

The agenda will most likely be, our next Benefit, our search for an "in house" soundman and locations for future shows.

We want to break out and hold benefits and hopefully in the future, free shows at more than one location in London.

Your input is important to us. We are a collective. A hive. Any contributions are fully welcomed.

Anyone is welcome. We want all involvement!

Peace bugs xox

Monday, 16 November 2009

Positive Action Benefit for U-TURN this Saturday 21st

Last week we held our second positive action meeting. In attendence we were honoured to welcome a past positive force member, Erin and a spokesperson for u-turn Niki Stevens.

Niki gave us a great insight into the day to day work u-turn do for the women of east london who have found themselves in the vicious cycle of prostitution. What we learnt was that despite the desperation of some of these womens situations, and the fact that many may never leave prostitution, is that by just getting rid of the social stigma attached to them and breaking down how we have been taught to percieve these women and by offering them a chance to get away from their lives even for an hour can make more than a little difference.

We arnt just talking donating money. U-turn are constantly looking for volunteers in many sectors, even if its just for a day. You could be an artist, a musician, a writer, a cook, fashion designer anything, if you just offered your services for a day or two, whereby you come in and teach them some of your skills this could give someone more confidence and hope than you could ever imagine.

On the night we will be displaying photography and selling poetry books all done by the women who are helped by u-turn. The night will also offer the opportunity to read more about what u-turn do and put your name down to help them out.

Heres the flyer for Saturday:

Sunday, 8 November 2009

Next Positive Action meeting Tuesday 10th November

The next Positive Action meeting will be this Tuesday 10th November at the victoria, grove road, mile end.

All are welcome.

Begins 7.30pm

Monday, 12 October 2009

Positive Force Documentory

I think you will find this as inspirational and informal as we did:

Monday, 28 September 2009

Positive Action Part 1 a success

Saturday night was a great success thankyou to all that came down, helped, enjoyed the bands and contributed to Shelter.

Overall we raised £235 which is a brilliant start. Keep checking back for details on our first positive action commitee meeting. If you wish to attend and be a part please email for info.

Here are some photos from the night taken by Federica Bardelli

Aaron Batley also took the time out from his hard work and playing on stage to film Chapter Sweetheart and Wetdog unfortunately he couldn't film Bloody Knees as he was playing guitar.

Friday, 25 September 2009

The first Positive Action pamphlet available tommorow

At tommorow's event it will be possible to pick up one of our free positive action pamphlets, we will be printing one for every event so keep your eyes peeled.
Heres what to look out for...


Tommorow our first benefit is for the UK homeless charity shelter, in the future we aim to support more local charitys, but despite the size of the charity it is still quite underexposed and above all it puts itself to the aid of the countrys most needy. All in all every bit of exposure and aid this charity recieves makes a difference.

In London despite the fact many try to ignore it, homelessness is still one of the most visible problems London faces. In one of the richest countries in the world where many families own two cars and whilst the majority of Britain’s bourgeoisie property obsessed own two cars and two houses own two houses this kind of problem is unacceptable at this level.

The problem should not be ignored. The charities should be commended and supported on their mission to help the homeless. And push the government to put more resources into providing shelter for these people.

Heres a little bit about shelter taken from their website:
Shelter was founded in England in 1966 by the Reverend Bruce Kenrick, who was horrified by the state of the tenements round his Notting Hill parish. The setting up of the organisation in Scotland followed in 1968.

Since Shelter's foundation, our country has undergone a long period of affluence and economic growth - but complacency allowed housing to slip down the public and political agendas.

More than four decades of constant lobbying have pressured our government into making some key changes to policy and legislation, and Shelter has celebrated some landmark achievements in recent years.

In 2008, there is a seemingly unbridgeable gulf between the housing haves and have-nots. Housing is now the key factor determining a person's health, wellbeing, and prospects in life.
If you can't afford to buy, and can't get a council house, renting privately may be your only option. But this is often unaffordable to people on low incomes.
The slums of the 1960s are gone, but the housing crisis still exists. Shelter has achieved great things in its history, but our work won't stop until everyone in Britain can access a decent, affordable home.
For information please visit:

Monday, 21 September 2009

The Beginning...

Hello all and welcome to Positive Action.
Our reasons for starting, our aims and objectives are all to the right ----->
Let us begin by saying we are very eager and excited to welcome and search for people who believe in our aims to come join us, help us and continue what we have began. Eventually we want to have an extensive network of members who will all equally be involved in, keen and responsible for the growth of Positive Action.
This website will set out to fill you all in on past, present and future events and causes we are involved in, aswell as inform and spread awareness of many issues that face the left and the people as a whole.

Our first event is a benefit for the homeless charity Shelter this Saturday at The Victoria pub on Grove Road mile end. More info on why we chose this charity, and what it does for the UK's homeless population to come.
Details of the event are below...