Tuesday, 14 December 2010

THIS SATURDAY!POSITIVE ACTION Benefit for Pakistan Flood relief & Coalition Resistance

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Disasters Emergency Committee Pakistan Flood Appeal
As Positive Action has pointed out before initial responses to natural disasters around the globe attract our immediate attentions but for albeit, a brief time. Even now, Haiti is still in the grip of its recovery from their earthquake with the cholera outbreak and the political tussling. For the moment we move our eyes to Pakistan who were hit by devastating floods in the summer. An estimated 1,600 people died. More people will die if the right aid and shelter is not brought to them. The campaign to get the necessities for the people of Pakistan to recover from this disaster continues.


Coalition Of Resistance
There are many conflicting views on the recent ConDem spending review. Our view is that the cuts being made to public services and the welfare state are detriment to the living standards of the working class of this country. Such reactionary methods of the slashing of funds to this countries poor and poorest only look to benefit the upper classes who will ensure their strangle hold on the working class is tighter than ever. Positive Action support Coalition Of Resistance who are providing the umbrella network to fight the Coalition government. Their aim, to instigate a united national campaign against cuts and privatisation in our workplaces, community and welfare services. It started with the students, now we must also use our voice... FIGHT THE CUTS!

ICE, SEA, DEAD PEOPLE -London noise merchants

JELAS -Bristol math/indie pop greatness

CHAPTER 24 -London afro beat pop

BELLIES -Bristol duo pop songs about food and love!

LEFT LEG -Young guns

Chapter Sweetheart DJs

7:30pm Doors

£4 waged

£Donations for un-waged/benefits

For one show only - Students go free!


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