Monday, 16 November 2009

Positive Action Benefit for U-TURN this Saturday 21st

Last week we held our second positive action meeting. In attendence we were honoured to welcome a past positive force member, Erin and a spokesperson for u-turn Niki Stevens.

Niki gave us a great insight into the day to day work u-turn do for the women of east london who have found themselves in the vicious cycle of prostitution. What we learnt was that despite the desperation of some of these womens situations, and the fact that many may never leave prostitution, is that by just getting rid of the social stigma attached to them and breaking down how we have been taught to percieve these women and by offering them a chance to get away from their lives even for an hour can make more than a little difference.

We arnt just talking donating money. U-turn are constantly looking for volunteers in many sectors, even if its just for a day. You could be an artist, a musician, a writer, a cook, fashion designer anything, if you just offered your services for a day or two, whereby you come in and teach them some of your skills this could give someone more confidence and hope than you could ever imagine.

On the night we will be displaying photography and selling poetry books all done by the women who are helped by u-turn. The night will also offer the opportunity to read more about what u-turn do and put your name down to help them out.

Heres the flyer for Saturday:

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