Monday, 23 November 2009

Positive Action raises £200 for U-turn

Thank you to all those came to the show saturday night. It was an extremely fun and interesting evening.

Not only did we watch 3 of the most exciting bands from around the UK we also had two amazing poets who showed us how powerful words can be without music.

Positive Action raised £200 for U-Turn. This coupled with the huge cheque The Victoria gave U-Turn, the sum of £375, we have made a substantial contribution to a local cause that we should all take notice of and support.

Positive Action will be holding our next meeting shortlyos. Date, time and location will be confirmed very soon.

The agenda will most likely be, our next Benefit, our search for an "in house" soundman and locations for future shows.

We want to break out and hold benefits and hopefully in the future, free shows at more than one location in London.

Your input is important to us. We are a collective. A hive. Any contributions are fully welcomed.

Anyone is welcome. We want all involvement!

Peace bugs xox

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